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Ultimate Patcher Tool

for C612/X99 Firmware

Ultimate Patcher Tool was designed to address common issues with firmware for C612/X99 motherboards made by Huananzhi, Jingsha, Kllisre, Machinist etc. One of the problems which this tool tries to fix is an issue with non-working Smart Fan after the system resumes from the sleep state. Another annoying thing is the Overcloking Features settings in the Aptio Setup: after this patch you will be able to control miscellaneous voltages as well as SVID/FIVR settings straight from the BIOS setup page. You can patch your own version of BIOS or choose one which is best suits your hardware from the list of firmwares meticulously tweaked by iEngineer and Koshak1013.

Enables overclocking support

Installs driver which enables voltage control for CPU cores, CLR and system agent. SVID dynamic mode, FIVR faults and efficiency management can be turned off using BIOS settings. All settings remain after the system resumes from the sleep state.

Unlocks Turbo Boost ratio

Sets the Turbo Boost ratio to the maximum allowed value for all cores. Two-sockets systems are supported. Turbo Boost ratio remains unlocked after the system wakes up. Patcher Tool takes care of correct settings for C3/C6 states to prevent system hang ups and removes Haswell microcode from the firmware for this fetature to work.

Fixes sleep issue with Smart Fan

Installs driver which correctly initializes system hardware monitor using BIOS settings. Package temperature reading and Smart Fan coutinue to work after the system resumes from the sleep state.

Allows to customize logo and startup screen

As a bonus feature you can replace logo and startup screen picture with your favorite ones.